What to Expect



Upon entering the building you will be greeted by one of our members.  We love having guests with us, so expect a smile and a handshake.  If this is your first visit, you will be asked to sign our guest book.  

Straight ahead, you will see the entrance to the auditorium.  This is where all of the teaching and preaching at CHCC happens. Feel free to go in and find a place to sit.  If you are little late, no worries—come in anyway (we won't stare). 

On your right, you will see the lobby where you can help yourself to coffee and snacks.  This is where most of our members like to sit and chat. Make yourself at home.  Don't be surprised if someone says hello and begins talking with you. 

The bathrooms are located in the hallway between the lobby and the auditorium.  The men's bathroom is closest to the front door and the women's is closest to the auditorium.

Down that same hall on the left is a mom's room for nursing infants to those who need it as well. Parents will not miss a beat in the mom's room with speakers that are connected to the service. 




CHCC uses a "Family-integrated Church" (FIC) model of ministry.  Although we are not unique in this respect, FIC churches are less common.  There are a few things that distinguish an FIC church:

FIC: Families Worship Together

If you’ve ever walked into an FIC during a worship service, perhaps the first thing that struck you was the fact that there were so many babies and small children in the service. We believe the best place for a child to learn about the Bible is in the gathered assembly and through the regular preaching and teaching ministry of the church and within the home.  We like having children in our service and have grown accustomed to their presence. Additionally, the children grow accustomed to being a part of the worship experience. No one will stop you at the door if you try to enter our service with your toddler.  Children in the service has been a normal practice in church history.

FIC: No Systematic Age Segregation

One of the biggest distinctions of an FIC is the absence of age-graded ministries. We teach  for all ages. Our Pastor/Elders work to make sure that the teaching is clear enough for the youngest believers and challenging enough for those who are mature in the faith.  We understand that most children will not comprehend every sermon or teaching which is why we give parents discussion questions based off the sermon that are geared on a child's level to help parents disciple throughout the week at home. We emphasize family worship and the biblical importance of it for both the family and the church as a whole.



Why, yes we did!  We do not pressure people into making spiritual decisions at CHCC.  We desire to see true Biblical conversion which means that we take our time with people who are "working out salvation with fear and trembling" (Phil 2:12).  We also have a longer process for joining our church than most, so you wont see anyone signing a card and becoming a member because they walked down the aisle.