The message of the Gospel not only raises us from spiritual death into spiritual life, our faith in Christ is an ongoing relationship that shapes every area of our lives as God shapes us into the image of His Son, Jesus. Next Steps is about helping you intentionally develop and grow in your relationship with Christ.

  • In Baptism we make a public declaration of our faith in Christ.

  • In Covenant Membership, we commit to the community of believers to be encouraged and held accountable in our faith.

  • In Community Groups, we cultivate our relationship with God through His word and in relationship with other believers through fellowship.

  • On Ministry Teams, we exercise our God-given gifts to strengthen the church and reach out to the world.

  • In our Giving, we joyfully give of our finances and resources to advance the Gospel in our Community and our world.


Whether you have just become a follower of Jesus or have been in relationship with Christ for decades, each and every believer should be asking themselves: What is my next step?